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Amity Blight was a supporting character of Owl home. She actually is a prodigious youthful witch who attends Hexside class of miracle and Demonics

Amity Blight was a supporting character of Owl home. She actually is a prodigious youthful witch who attends Hexside class of miracle and Demonics

Amity Blight

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Amity Blight was a supporting personality of The Owl residence. She is a prodigious youthful witch who attends Hexside School of miracle and Demonics. Although she was at first represented as an antagonist, after connecting with Luz, Amity became an improved person, having the ability to endure the woman mothers, restore this lady relationship with Willow, and turn into friends with Luz, afterwards her sweetheart.


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Amity is skinny, with pale body, chin-length locks with a ponytail pulling the leading locks from the girl face, and vibrant golden vision. Like the majority of witches, she’s got pointy ears. Amity’s hair is two-toned, comprised of shades of aquamarine with brown hairher all-natural locks colors [1] visible during the origins. Nearby the conclusion of «through Looking Glass wrecks», Amity chooses to color the lady tresses lilac, with brown tresses noticeable at the lady temples.


Whenever participating in school, Amity wears a grey tunic with a dark gray belt, cowl, and footwear. As part of the Abomination track, their arm and leggings are a greyish-pink color. The remainder of this lady attire consists of wear triangle-shaped black colored earrings and black nail enamel. She’s a star pin on her behalf cowl, which will show that she actually is the most truly effective college student. She wears dark colored grey, heeled shoes, with lighting grey very top.

You should definitely going to class, Amity clothes in a black colored short sleeve dress with orchid leggings and black colored point footwear with golden crescent moonlight buckles. Around her throat, she wears an amulet with an orchid gem stone.


Amity try called brilliant and competitive. She attends miracle class together with Willow, Gus, and (later) Luz, and is also an integral part of the Abomination track. Due to the fact «Top scholar» at Hexside, Amity are happy with their position as best beginner in whole school and goes as far as to utilize it a bragging appropriate. She seems down on different college students who are not because successful as she is and teases them, as indicated greatly in her own treatments for Willow in «I became a Teenage Abomination». She does not capture kindly to people exactly who steal this lady limelight and is also notably the teacher’s animal, seeing that how key bundle regards very of the girl.

But she does have a sensitive area when their reputation is actually compromised. The woman cause of becoming how this woman is is simply because she desires to someday become a member of the Emperor’s Coven, which only handpick the best of the number one. Along with enjoying checking out to young ones in the Bonesborough collection as shown in «Lost in Language», further evidence of Amity being kinder than she lets on were the girl accepting of Luz for being finally admitted it to Hexside and still appreciated her friendship with Willow strong interior, despite being required to sever they long-ago with regard to shielding the second’s future as students of Hexside from their mothers in «one Day» and «knowing Willow» correspondingly. Aforementioned occurrence showed not only the degree of the lady selflessness but also sugar daddy dating sites canada the need to create amends together with her former best friend and disagreement together with her moms and dads’ disdain towards fragile. She helps to keep this softer area concealed to be able to perhaps not express weakness.

Although she looks standoffish, Amity provides a feeling of honor and integrity, as she is surprised and ashamed that her teacher, Lilith Clawthorne, produced their swindle with a miracle raise inside her duel with Luz without Amity’s skills and, since Eda did exactly the same for Luz, just who apologized to Amity. Amity labeled as off the forever-oath she throw on Luz to allow the woman to continue the woman education being a witch. This indicates that for several this lady defects, Amity desires to be successful predicated on her very own energy and merit, rather than use cheat or deception to do so.



Luz Noceda

Luz and Amity in Covention

Amity and Luz bring a complicated connection that progresses throughout the collection. Amity at first encounters Luz when she presents as Willow’s abomination, stealing the woman «best college student» concept. Suspicious of Luz, Amity attempts to expose her to the point of convincing major bundle to dissect the lady. Since then, the two were almost always at odds because of Amity’s snobbish conduct, despite Luz’s tries to making amends. Like other witches, Amity underestimates humans, thinking these are generally incompetent at doing secret until Luz shows her an alternative solution way of spell casting. It’s found in «forgotten in Language» that Amity was in fact wanting to find Luz on, whether she had been a poser, a nerd, or at the worst, a bully. After Luz apologizes for reading her diary and lets her acquire the girl 5th Azura guide, Amity seems to admit the girl personality towards Luz ahead of time at least guarantees to believe on her behalf behavior. In «Adventures from inside the items», she and Luz come to be close friends as they team with each other to save Eda and twins from the Slitherbeast, but she sternly scolds Luz for causing the condition and traps her in a pink cage so she doesn’t get hurt. She actually is surprised when she afterwards escapes, but collectively, they manage the Slitherbeast and complimentary Eda, Edric, and Emira. Amity is happier that she and Luz might-be gonna Hexside with each other in the end, and blushes whenever Luz introduces the prospect of a novel pub, asking for that it is a secret.

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